October 7, 2009

The Final Word on Einstein’s “God”

Posted in Answering Apologists, Atheism, Science tagged , at 4:00 pm by Andrew

Since the pernicious rumor that Einstein was a theist continues to make its way across the Internet, just keep in mind Einstein’s actual, final words on the subject:

The word God is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weakness, the Bible a collection of honorable, but still purely primitive, legends which are nevertheless pretty childish. No interpretation no matter how subtle can (for me) change this.

Einstein may have been right (or wrong); I cite his words here not as evidence for atheism, but because so many Christians continue to insist that Einstein was in some way a theist.


  1. Theists degrade many intellectuals by falsely claiming those intellectuals – whilst close to death -announced their finding of God, and other such shenanigans.

    Many of the past greatest thinkers certainly spoke of ‘God’ in their scientific or otherwise works; to actually read those works, though, is to realise that they mention a god only when at the absolute limit of their understanding. They fill 1000 pages with stunning insight and scientific or mathematical proof of the laws of reality, adn then when they themselves can advance no more, they invoke a ‘God’ as an excuse for that limit of understanding (a limit invariably surpassed by a next generation of thinkers, who mention God at their new limit).

    Nice blog.

  2. Nathaniel said,

    The popularity of this urban legend says sad things about a significant number of Christians. They don’t know who the actual defenders of Christianity are; in fact, many of them would be uncomfortable in the presence of a real scholar. But they get warm fuzzy feelings at the thought that some scientist whose name has become a byword for intelligence might have made the Bad Guys look dumb.

    The soft underbelly of Evangelicalism is exposed yet again.

  3. It is like the shroud of Turin, thoroughly debunked and still people believe it to be they were told, or what they want to believe. Unfortunately, these stories make the rounds in cycles, and if we wait, it will pop up again. By the way, I really enjoy this bog, keep it up.


  4. Frank said,

    Or it can just be ignorance and urban legend. There are hundreds of these and websites devoted to it. Perhaps it says something more about human nature than Christians. Just a thought.

    Oh and I don’t believe Andrew was trying to do anymore than debunk an urban legend notwithstanding the scope of the arguments against theism on this blog.

  5. Suman Mandal said,

    God is nothing,but a human heart.God always lives with helpful person,who can dedicate his/her life,& secrifies all the happy moment for people….

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