Why Are We “Evaluating Christianity?”

I consider myself an atheist and a skeptic. I care whether my beliefs are true or false. I believe I have good reasons for being an atheist, and that those reasons can stand up to the scrutiny of Christian apologetics. But – as Christians are so often fond of saying – what if I’m wrong? So this blog represents my effort to take Christianity seriously; to engage with the best Christians have to offer and see how my general Case for Atheism stacks up by comparison.

I deliberately chose a gerund as the name for this blog; I view this as a process, and not an end goal. If you’re a Christian, my goal is not to “convert you to atheism;” my goal is to engage with, understand, and evaluate the best arguments you have for what you believe and see how that affects what I believe. At the end of the day, all I hope is that you will come away with a bit more understanding of (and hopefully, respect for) what makes someone an atheist.

The inspiration for this blog comes from Arguing With Atheism, in which the author – a self-described “skeptical Christian” – emphasizes the importance of engaging with arguments for atheism, taking them seriously, and seeing if his Christian beliefs stand up to atheist critiques. Unfortunately, the author of that blog is currently working on his thesis, and won’t be updating it for a while, so I figured I would take up the challenge from the other side.

You can email me at evaluatingchristianity@gmail.com.


  1. Mr. Atheist said,

    Awesome and thank you. I am with you all the way. I seek truth. I try and engage those of the christian faith (as I used to be one myself). Not so much to “convert” but to engage and seek answers, understanding….

    Keep up the great work. It is good to know I am not alone.

  2. kontaktne leæe said,

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  3. Christian thinker said,

    I am a Christian myself and I want to say I commend you on how you have set this up I love logic philosophy etc but I hate when either side atheist or religious result to petty mudslinging and think the other person is dumb

  4. Nicelle said,

    Many great atrocities have been committed in the name of religion. However, one cannot deny the fact that great emotional changes take place when there is a real sense of spirituality. Scientists have proven that spiritual people live healthier, longer lives. I have seen many people leaving religion, only to become cynical, unhappy people. Societies with a high level of spirituality are happier, more peaceful and prosperous. The real question is this: why is it so? Is there a possibility that we need religion on some basic level?

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