May 8, 2009

Chris Matthews Goes 1-for-2

Posted in Atheism, Debates tagged , , , at 1:05 pm by Andrew

After nailing Mike Pence for waffling about evolution a few days ago, Chris Matthews falls down on the job in confronting actual creationist Tom Tancredo.

If you’re in a good mood and can stomach creationist nonsense being delivered without question, click through for the video and transcript. This is why I called Matthews’ interview with Pence “his usual Hardball schtick” the other day; it isn’t that Matthews is a friend of good science, it’s that the relishes in trapping politicians in uncomfortable situations. For the Tancredos of the world — unabashed moron creationists — there’s no smoking gun, and Matthews loses interest.

HT: Hemant Mehta.