October 2, 2009

Richard Dawkins’ Appearance on the Colbert Report

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Dawkins was on Colbert the other night, and although the appearance went pretty much as I expected, I thought there were two pretty noteworthy moments.

First, Dawkins came on to the show wearing a custom “crocoduck” tie, after the nonsense strawman argument against evolution peddled by our Way-of-the-Master friends Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort. (“If evolution is real,” Cameron asks, “then why don’t we see any transitional fossils?“) And by “transitional fossils,” Cameron doesn’t mean actual transitional fossils, but nonsensical fuzors, such as the half-crocodile, half-duck “crocoduck.” See how cute he is?

The Way of the Master "crocoduck"

The Way of the Master "crocoduck"

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September 30, 2009

Richard Dawkins to Appear on Colbert Report Tonight

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Click here for the promo from Colbert.

If you can’t wait until 11:30 pm EST tonight, here’s a clip from the last time Dawkins was on the show, in 2006.

Personally, I find the interviews on Colbert kind of frustrating if it’s a subject I’d actually like to see interviewed. (On the other hand, Colbert’s interviews with sitting members of Congress, in “Better Know A District,” are hilarious.) Dawkins was pretty charitable about it last time, noting that–

I had a good time in New York. The Colbert show was fun, notwithstanding my misgivings before (which I have removed, because they now seem misplaced). While I was waiting, he came in to see me as himself, introduced himself and made sure that I understood his act: “You know I play a complete idiot?” I must say, when he is in character, he does it extremely well. The real Colbert is obviously highly intelligent and a very nice man. Aficionados seem divided about 50/50 over whether the real Colbert is religious. He is obviously too intelligent to be religious in any simple conventional sense. I suspect either that it amuses him to blur the distinction between his ‘character’ and the real Colbert. Or perhaps he is religious in the Einsteinian sense that all of us are, and goes to church because, like Martin Rees, he ‘believes in belief’ (Dan Dennett’s happy phrase).

June 2, 2009

Help! My Poe Detector is on the Fritz!

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Hot on the heels of our last effort to apply Poe’s law, I have to confess: I can’t tell if this site is a parody or not. The following things just seem too ridiculous to be sincere:

* an ostensible guide to secular philosophy that features the following bit of ‘logic’: “Two of the big names in postmodernism are Friedrich Nietzsche and Michael Foucault. Nietzsche was known for dying in an insane asylum with his awesome mustache still intact. Foucault was a homosexual who liked to kill people in his spare time. You’ll hear more about them in part two of this awesome guide.”

* a page on evangelizing to college students called “Sorry, I don’t Speak Idiot.”

* there’s an FAQ question that begins “I think College Weekend Workshop is the best thing since sliced manna,” which seems inauthentically jokey. (I’ve never heard real evangelicals talk that way.)

* and the personal capper: a “worksheet” accompanying a lecture that has the following fill-in-the-blank question:

4(e). The classic tramp __________. This girl is not interested in fixing her _______ (which is why she has so many); she is only interested in ________ you for what she can _________ out of you because she is a _______!

On the other hand, the FAQ claims that the “College Weekend Workshop” is affiliated with this church, which is certainly real. And that opening video certainly looks authentic (if hilarious), and the site is peppered with Josh McDowell references, which indicate either sincerity or a very skilled parodist. Oh, and the books for sale are all the genuine article.

So who knows? In a world where people write books like this in all apparent sincerity, I’ve lost the ability to tell the difference between reality and parody.

May 13, 2009

Penn Jillette: Love of Truth and a Little BS (or: Why I Am Not a Nihilist)

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Probably NSFW without headphones, unless you work for Gordon Ramsay. (Penn, as you may know, swears a lot.) If you like Penn Jillette’s stuff, you’ll like this. It also has some great stuff on the difference between critiquing ideas and attacking individuals which seems a propos of the recent creationism discussions here.

May 5, 2009

Anti-Atheist Humor?

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Since we’ve taken some (mostly good-natured) shots at Christians here at EC, one of my commenters challenged me to “equal time” for jokes about atheists, and suggested the following link. So, in the spirit of fairness:

Jokes About Atheists.

Maybe I’m a “fundamentalist atheist,” but… I didn’t find too many of these all that funny, except for the bit about atheist evangelists distributing blank sheets of paper.

EDITED to add: I guess it takes a fellow atheist (“Non-Stamp Collector,” who also authored this work of genius) to really make fun of atheists:

April 24, 2009

Pareidolia: It’s Not Just For Christians

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Mohammed on a fish, Allah in an eggplant, and more. Interestingly, since Islam forbids iconographic representations, their pareidolia generally takes the form of arabic script (as in the link).

There’s a serious point here, too: our experiences are shaped by our expectations. It’s why near-death experiences reflect the cultural traditions of the patient, for example.

April 22, 2009

Somewhat Anachronistic Catholic Church Youth Commission Logo

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