May 8, 2009

Chris Matthews Goes 1-for-2

Posted in Atheism, Debates tagged , , , at 1:05 pm by Andrew

After nailing Mike Pence for waffling about evolution a few days ago, Chris Matthews falls down on the job in confronting actual creationist Tom Tancredo.

If you’re in a good mood and can stomach creationist nonsense being delivered without question, click through for the video and transcript. This is why I called Matthews’ interview with Pence “his usual Hardball schtick” the other day; it isn’t that Matthews is a friend of good science, it’s that the relishes in trapping politicians in uncomfortable situations. For the Tancredos of the world — unabashed moron creationists — there’s no smoking gun, and Matthews loses interest.

HT: Hemant Mehta.

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  1. elbogz said,

    I think Mathews is motivated by the fact that after the famous republican debate where 3 candidates raised their hands declaring that they did not believe in evolution we saw their campaigns go immediately in the trash can. The perfect storm is brewing in the Republican party. They can’t declare they don’t believe in evolution or they will be thought of as batshit crazy. They can’t declare they believe in evolution or they will be heathen bastards, and they can’t keep it off topic because people like the Oklahoma Republican GOP comes along with a platform that says:

    7. We believe that the scientific evidence supporting Biblical creation should be included in Oklahoma public schools curricula, and if any evolution theory is taught, that both should receive equal funding, class time, and material. Teachers should have the freedom to cover creation science without fear of intimidation, reprimand, or lack of professional respect.

    You have Bobby Jindal who voted for creation legislation as the chosen one. It’s almost becoming a litmus test for republican candidates to believe in creationism. But, believe it or not, there are many in the republican party that aren’t voting for the batshit crazy candidate. I can’t recall a single election from school board to president where a candidate ran an openly creationist campaign and was elected, republican or democrat.

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