May 2, 2009

A Mormon on “Why I Like Atheists”

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Self-described “crazy Mormon liberal” Marshall has written a post explaining why he likes atheists.

In light of our ongoing discussion on this issue, I think the most interesting bit is this:

3. Atheists are moral

Truly moral decisions are not the result of the memorization of codes and laws. True morals require a person to explore issues deeply, examine the difference between right and wrong, and make reasoned decisions about which paths to pursue. Without a belief in God or religion, most atheists I know have taken the responsibility to think through important issues and situations on their own. The end result is that most atheists are highly moral people. The danger with religion is when its laws and creeds are accepted prematurely or applied inappropriately.



  1. Sherry said,

    I must say, I agree. With one caveat. I like mature atheists, the youngsters, not so much. They tend to be still in the snickering pointing fingers, “oh you believe in fairies,” kind of atheism that I find childish.

  2. Andrew said,

    As an ex-Mormon atheist, I feel drawn to this post. It’s just a feeling though.

    I agree with Sherry, but I think that maturity is not simply a factor of age. I can find enough “trivializing” arguments even from older atheists (and theists too).

  3. Sabio said,

    Tell me if I am wrong, but if I have to compare creedal Christianity with Mormonism, I like the Mormon version of heaven.
    In their version, I live in a type of heaven and my Mormon friends can visit me and I am happy. Of course they are happier but apparently I won’t know any better.
    Cool thing, I can have a Mormon friend and he/she is not thinking, “Too bad, when Sabio dies he goes to hell and I will never see him again”, instead he realizes the relationship lasts and is never tempted to feel our earthly association is pointless.
    I think such differences actually make a difference.

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