April 20, 2009


Posted in Atheism tagged , , at 4:08 pm by Andrew

I consider Dr. James McGrath to be a blog-friend of EC (although I don’t know him personally) and I frequently link to his blog, Exploring Our Matrix. In short: I think he’s the kind of Christian that both atheists and Christians should read.

I am thus slightly mortified that one of my commenters apparently wandered over to Dr. McGrath’s blog, declared him a heretic, and tattled to Dr. McGrath’s pastor — I suppose in some sort of misguided effort to get Dr. McGrath excommunicated. On the plus side: Dr. McGrath’s pastor was well-aware of his theological views, so no real harm was done.

But it got me thinking, and so I ask my Christian readers–

1) What would it take for you to label someone who holds themselves out as a Christian as definitively not a Christian by your standards; and

2) What subset of (1) would motivate you to “tattle” on someone online to their pastor?


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  1. Steven Carr said,

    How many Christians are there in the world?

    Over 2 billion?

    The Roman Catholic church by itself claims to have over 1 billion Christians.

    There is a simple rule.

    If churches want to inflate their importance, then they will include anybody and everybody in their numbers of Christians.

    So anybody can be a Christian, if it is a case of making churches look important.

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