April 20, 2009

The 100 Best Restaurants in the World (No Atheism Content)

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Here’s the 2009 version of the 100 Best Restaurants in the World as chosen by Restaurant Magazine’s S.Pellegrino Academy. As far as lists go, it runs circles around the 50 Smartest Atheist Heavy Metal Bands (or whatever that list was).


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I consider Dr. James McGrath to be a blog-friend of EC (although I don’t know him personally) and I frequently link to his blog, Exploring Our Matrix. In short: I think he’s the kind of Christian that both atheists and Christians should read.

I am thus slightly mortified that one of my commenters apparently wandered over to Dr. McGrath’s blog, declared him a heretic, and tattled to Dr. McGrath’s pastor — I suppose in some sort of misguided effort to get Dr. McGrath excommunicated. On the plus side: Dr. McGrath’s pastor was well-aware of his theological views, so no real harm was done.

But it got me thinking, and so I ask my Christian readers–

1) What would it take for you to label someone who holds themselves out as a Christian as definitively not a Christian by your standards; and

2) What subset of (1) would motivate you to “tattle” on someone online to their pastor?

The Brick Testament

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If you’re not familiar with the genius that is The Brick Testament, or you simply haven’t been in a while because updates are slow, you’ll be pleased to know that the site has been updated with a Lego re-enactment of (segments of) the Book of Revelation.