April 17, 2009

I’m Sure I Just Missed….

Posted in Atheism, Personal tagged , , , at 3:54 pm by Andrew

The website “brainz.org” has posted their list of The 50 Most Brilliant Atheists of All Time.

(It’s okay; I didn’t make the list of the 100 Greatest Metal Bands of All Time, either. And I wouldn’t have put either Ayn Rand or Korn on either list.)

HT: Pharyngula.


  1. Anthony said,

    This list is a damn crock and a shame.

    No Spinoza!? No Baron d’Holbach? Hume? Paul Kurtz? No Lucretius!?

    It looks like the author just flipped through the list of “Celebrity Atheists” and picked out some famous people. There are quite a few good choices, but the list is also populated by fools, airheads, assholes (Rand), and some other non-brilliant people whose atheism is completely incidental.

  2. Madeleine said,

    I dunno, Ayn Rand could carry a good tune and certainly has hordes of angry screaming fans – surely they should consider her for the band award.

    • Nathaniel said,

      Okay, that was funny … !

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