April 16, 2009

A Short Post on the Argument from Reason (AfR)

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I very much enjoy Victor Reppert’s Christian blog, “Dangerous Idea,” although obviously I disagree with his conclusions. Reppert’s favorite argument is a modern version of C.S. Lewis’s “Argument from Reason” (AfR); he posts a brief summary of its claims here.

In a recent post, Reppert also commends an article in the Calgary Herald that supposedly sets forth an application of the AfR.

Here’s the problem. The author, Hugo Maynell, summarizes the AfR as follows:

C. S. Lewis argued that scientific materialism is ruined by one fundamental inconsistency. Its proponents asked him to believe, in the name of science, that reason had arisen in the universe as a result of particles of matter moving randomly about over an enormous lapse of time. This is scientism, not science. Science, as Lewis said, depends on the assumption that reason is an absolute; furthermore, that matter in the remotest galaxies conforms to thought-laws excogitated by scientists in their laboratories here on Earth. (emphasis added)

If that’s what C.S. Lewis said, then C.S. Lewis is just flat wrong, and the AfR need not be taken seriously. I don’t want to straw-man a serious argument if it exists, but this claim is nonsense. No serious atheist I know — not the most dedicated, hardcore materialist — claims that reason is “an absolute.” Rather, we look to science as a way of discovering facts about the world because it’s been inductively reliable so far.

Now a fair response to the atheist would be to cite the problem of induction, for example. But it straw-mans the atheist to insist that the he must prove that reason is an “absolute.” We know that reason misleads us all the time. It just so happens it’s the best tool we’ve got.

Debate Archives

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If you’re looking for a specific atheist debate, check out Luke’s excellent archive of 400+ debates (in both video and audio format where available) that relate to atheism/theism issues. It is without question the most comprehensive such list on the Internet; if he doesn’t have it, my guess is that it’s not available online. A great resource, and while you’re at it, check out the rest of his site, Common Sense Atheism.

Advice for Debating William Lane Craig, part 2

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My first post on this subject went to number one on Google and attracted the attention of Richard Carrier (who has previously debated Craig) and John Loftus (who would like to). Let me expand on my previous remarks.
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