April 15, 2009

Video Refutation of the “Fine Tuning” Argument

Posted in Answering Apologists, Atheism, Science tagged , , , , at 2:00 pm by Andrew

Most of you have probably seen YouTube user “Thunderf00t‘s” excellent series, “Why People Laugh at Creationists.” (If not, you should.)

Part 10 of that series nicely responds to the Fine Tuning argument as advanced by the Discovery Institute in “The Privileged Planet” (the first clip) and Lee Strobel’s video “The Case For A Creator” (second clip). Here it is:

(After a brief interlude to smack down Kent Hovind — which is a bit too much like kicking a wounded puppy for my tastes — the response continues with part thirteen.)



  1. Matthew said,

    that was one of Tf00ts dumbest videos ever

  2. Facilis said,

    I agree.
    Without the gravitational force there would not be clumps of masses like stars or planets. It would not be possible for life too exist. And if he had actually read Strobel’s book or Collin’s stuff he would see how physicists pick the range of theoretical values for the constant.

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