April 15, 2009

My Responses to Becky LuElla Miller on Why The Bible Is (Not) True

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Over at A Christian Worldview of Fiction, Becky LuElla Miller has two posts up on “How Do We Know The Bible Is True?” In part 1, Becky argues that internal fulfilled prophecies prove that the Bible is true; in part 2, she suggests that external archaeological corroboration of some Biblical events means that “it is logical to accept as true the Bible‚Äôs record of events not yet corroborated independently.” I responded on Ms. Miller’s blog but will repeat those responses here:
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Video Refutation of the “Fine Tuning” Argument

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Most of you have probably seen YouTube user “Thunderf00t‘s” excellent series, “Why People Laugh at Creationists.” (If not, you should.)

Part 10 of that series nicely responds to the Fine Tuning argument as advanced by the Discovery Institute in “The Privileged Planet” (the first clip) and Lee Strobel’s video “The Case For A Creator” (second clip). Here it is:

(After a brief interlude to smack down Kent Hovind — which is a bit too much like kicking a wounded puppy for my tastes — the response continues with part thirteen.)

For My Christian Readers

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Two serious questions. Take a listen to this Wretched Radio (former Way of the Master) segment, which is Todd Friel’s take on expository preaching on Good Friday.

1) Is there anything Todd Friel gets wrong about Christianity in this segment?; and

2) Can you understand why this comes off as, well, a little nuts to those of us who aren’t believers?

If the answer to (1) is “yes,” then I have some follow-up questions.