April 14, 2009

Cameron Reilly’s Interview with Dr. Robert M. Price

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…can be found here, in .mp3 format.

Dr. Price is one of the most prominent scholars in the Jesus-mythicist camp, which is to say that he concludes that we do not know anything reliable about the life of a real Jesus with historical certainty. To my Christian readers: if your only exposure to mythicism is from the likes of the Rational Response Squad, you owe it to yourself to give Dr. Price a try. You may not be convinced, but you’ll certainly be surprised (and most likely, impressed).



  1. Thanks for the plug. In my experience, most Christian apologists tend to just try to write Price off with a series of ad hominem attacks, attacking his integrity or just labeling him as “fringe”. They struggle to refute his facts, though.

    Your readers might also be interested in my recent series of interviews with rebel Catholic priest Peter Kennedy. He’s a self-described atheist who has been accepting homosexuals into his church and allowing women to preach the homily. For his efforts to engage his community, he has a packed church – and has just been fired and forcibly removed from his church by the Catholic authorities.


  2. Mike said,

    I quite like Earl Doherty’s work; he presents in quite readable a style what might otherwise be dry material.

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