March 11, 2009

Wait, What About Atheist Salt??!?

Posted in Personal tagged , at 11:16 am by Andrew

The intersection of food and atheism strikes again; this time, it’s a Christian fellow who says he’s sick and tired of all those recipes that call for Kosher salt. “What the heck’s the matter with Christian salt?” What, indeed.

Regardless of your theological beliefs, if you love to cook, then you definitely owe it to yourself to read what Michael Ruhlman — in my opinion, the best food writer in America — has to say about salt.


  1. Davis said,

    Now I see why salt used to be so prized

  2. Andrew said,

    Ruhlman’s books are just amazing, and if you like to cook at all, you’ll love Charcuterie (the book he’s quoting from on the link above).

  3. […] like to use sea salt rather than table salt for everyday meals, because it has a lighter slightly briny flavor. I figure we get enough iodine […]

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