February 20, 2009

America’s Heroes

Posted in Atheism, Personal tagged , , at 2:55 pm by Andrew

According to this Harris poll, the top 5 people Americans name as their “hero” are:

1. Barack Obama
2. Jesus
3. Martin Luther King
4. Ronald Reagan
5. George W. Bush

I think the strangest part of this story is, according to another account, that “God” ranked 11th. I’m no theologian, but shouldn’t the “God” and “Jesus” votes have been aggregated? Maybe then he (they?) could have beaten out Obama!



  1. God ranking 11 shows how far people have drifted from their moorings.

    “Be ye ready to give an answer to those who ask you for an evidence concerning your faith”

    Johnson C. Philip, PhD

  2. Andrew said,

    Dr. Philip — given your .sig and your comment on the presuppositionalism thread, I would be curious as to what you would consider the evidence for your faith. What do you think is the best argument for God?

  3. mcoville said,

    I would say that Jesus at number 2, above God, shows that people are being more direct with the name they give to God. Jesus is God made flesh.

    I would not totally combine the numbers for God and Jesus,because some people worship a different god. But I would venture a guess that enough Christians answered God that if they clarified and said Jesus it would put Jesus above Obama, or at least I hope it would.

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